Developmental EditI’ll take your story, read through it, and at the end of every chapter or section–depending on their lengths–provide feedback in the form of a few or several paragraphs, focusing on the aspects of your story listed above, including but not limited to: Voice of characters and narrator, structure of character arcs and overall plot, the pace of action and revelation of truth/information, setting, and major themes. I’ll also be looking for major plot holes, since the sooner we find them, the better.

Line EditThis is a much more focused look at your story, where I’ll take your manuscript paragraph by paragraph and line by line. I’ll concentrate on things like syntax, sentence structure and length, clearness of narration, when to show and when to tell, and word choice. I’ll also keep an eye out for typos and grammatical/punctuational errors, so that when you move on to a proofread you’ll have less to worry about.

And that’s it! So, if either a developmental or line edit seems like it could be useful, or even if you’re simply curious, send a message through the Contact section of this site for pricing plans.